Super-yacht Security

Super-yacht security

Super-yacht security services: Protecting vessels, clients and crew across Europe and the rest of the world.

Find out how we can help you with our integrated professional super-yacht security services. Our experienced professionals are here to guide, advise and protect your interests across the globe.

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Super-yacht Security

Super-Yacht Security

Super-yacht Security Services, keeping vessels and crew secure around the world

Super-yacht Security Services

Professional maritime ship security officers and security services for maritime vessels, private yachts and chartered yachts anywhere in the world.

Comprehensive maritime security services that include; Maritime Risk Management, Maritime Security Planning & Advice and Ship Security Officers. We also provide on-shore security, marina security guards, professional executive protection, security driver and chauffeur services.

Our super-yacht security service provides a complete vessel security service that includes, Ship Security Officers, onboard and off-shore security, voyage security planning, vessel security planning, crew safety training and much more.

What services do we offer?

Ship Security Officers (SSO)

Maritime Security Planning

On-shore Security

Journey Management

Travel Security

How can we help you?

Maritime Security Surveys and Security Audits 

Maritime Security Risk Assessments and Recommendations

Maritime Security Planning and Advice

Maritime Vessel Security

Travel Risk Management

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Our yacht security services

Super-yacht security is there to protect you, your crew and your vessel, around the world

Super-yacht anti-piracy security

Anti-Piracy Security

Anti-piracy is one of the most important aspects of maritime security. We ensure our maritime security and counter-piracy service helps our clients combat this threat,

Anti-maritime crime security

Anti-Maritime Crime & Stowaway

Our maritime security service and training ensures a vessel's security and stowaway prevention procedures are enforced so the threat of maritime crime is combated using around the clock over-watch and security, providing support to the master and crew, for the prevention of crime and stowaways.

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Steps to secure what’s important

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of ship security services, developed to assist maritime companies, yacht owners, crew and operators, to meet the international maritime law, ISPS Code and BMP requirements. We provide vessel security in the form of highly trained and experienced Ship Security Officers (SSO) and teams. Each member holds a Live Firing Certificate, C&G SSO Certificate, ENG1, STCW95 and Seaman’s Card. Additionally, each member is Trauma Medic Trained. 

We provide worldwide on-site professional maritime security consultancy, risk management and vessel security risk assessments. Including, voyage threat assessments and port/marina risk assessments.

Our maritime consultants provide detailed pre-voyage ship security surveys, audits and assessments. Their objective is to review and provide recommendations to ensure existing security measures are effective and advice regarding the implementation of further measures is provided.

Voyage planning and preparation requires professional maritime security practices to be considered, to fundamentally mitigate exposure and risks from piracy, terrorism, theft, smuggling, stowaway and other criminal activities, if these are to be eliminated. We provide up to date intelligence reports in support of the ship’s master, in preparation of transits, assessing passage risk and any known current threats. 

Super-yacht security
Super-yacht security

One of the UK's fastest growing risk and security companies.

How can we help you? 

Super-yacht security

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Other services we offer

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Global Security

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